Loading and discharging Operations on a tanker (unit 4)


Procedure for loading is written below , similar procedure is for discharging (reverse order)

1. Before arrival at berth

Am exchange of information takes place between port and terminal authority and the ship

  • Perticulars of ship, draft and trim.
  • Any defect in Hull,mechinary, equipment
  • Berthing arrangements, tugs, maximum drafts at berth, etc
  • State of cargo tank , whether inerted,washed.
  • Oxygen concentration inside tank
  • Ships manifold details , including size, location, number.
  • Any requirement for tank cleaning .

2. After ship is berthed the terminal representative ask chief officer for the following:

  • Flash point, vapour pressure of the cargo to be loaded
  • Quantity of cargo and the sequence in which it should be loaded.
  • Maximum shore pumping rate.
  • Pressure at the manifold.
  • Emergency signal is decided to stop pumping.

3. Chief officer informs LIMITATIONS for which adjustment should me made before loading

4. On the basis of above exchange information an operational agreement is made between the responsible officer of ship and terminal officer

5. Ship shore safety checklist is completed jointly.

6. cargo surveyor or inspector may board the vessel to inspect the ships tank prior to loading.

7. Pipelines are now set to load cargo in order specified by chief officer.

8.The gas release lines are set up by shutting bypass valves and checking that the PV valve and PV breaker are set to operate at the correct pressure.

9. Loading of cargo should be started at slow rate to ensure flow in correct tank .

10. As cargo is loaded sample of cargo, its temperature and relative densities taken to determine final ullage.

11.The manifold valve is closed. final ullage, temperature and relative density values are taken ,quantities are determined and documents are signed.

12. Other valves and openings are securely closed .

13. Pipelines disconnected , oil spills cleaned and ship prepared for sailing.

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