Machinery Space is divided into many Subdivisions – Why?


When a ship encounters collision with another ship or rock – Hull or Shipside may get damaged/broken

Sea water may enter into the ship

This causes/results in loss of buoyancy and ship may sink


To prevent the Loss of buoyancy – We have to limit the amount of water entering the ship (i.e. Confine the water within a small space)

Hence the Machinery Space is subdivide into many number of compartments by using water tight bulk heads

(i.e. water entering the ship is confined to the size of compartment)



Double Bottom Tanks

Steering Gear Room

Pump Room


Steering Gear Room

It is a Space where the Steering Gear is located (Steering Gear is the Equipment / Machinery used to control the Ship’s Steering)

This room also serves as an emergency steering station

Steering gear room is separated from machinery space by water tight bulk head


Pump Room

It is a space where cargo pumps are located

This room is placed between ER & Cargo Hold/Cargo Oil Tank

Pump room is separated from Engine Room by water tight bulk head


Following are some of the Equipments that are found in a Ship’s Engine Room Workshop

Universal Machine Tool

Welding Machine

Gas Cutting Equipment

Surface Plate

Grinding Machine

Fuel Valve Pressure Testing Machine

Tools and Tackles


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