Material safety data sheet(MSDS)


Is provided for all chemical cargo.


  • MSDS is carried onboard for ensuring the safety of Marine environment and ship crew.
  • MSDS provide useful and accessible informations on the product carried onboard either as a cargo or for operational purpose.
  • MSDS is to be carried out for all individual hazardous material carried onboard along with proper PPE so that in time of emergency appropriate procedure and Swift response can be achieved.

CONTENT OF MSDS (Material safety data sheet)

  1. Hazard identification along with identification of the mix.
  2. Composition or information of the ingredients.
  3. Ecological and disposal informations.
  4. Transportation and regulatory informations
  5. Accidental release measure .
  6. Handling and stowage criteria.
  7. Chemical and physical properties of mix.
  8. Personal protection and exposal control.
  9. Information about the toxicity of the material.
  10. Firefighting measures.
  11. First aid measures .

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