Merchant Navy Jobs in India


We know that 90% of total cargo is transported through ships but even after that people are not getting Jobs and struggling hard. Collages are unable to bring companies to campus so what now? One of the common way to get job in India is going to Mumbai with your CV and try visiting different companies. Another way is going to an agent (We are against it and fraud is common ).

In this difficult time, some of the companies can help you. Till date i know 2 company that considers you no matter from which college you come and your background. First company is Synergy Maritime and other is wallem ship management.

For synergy, they take a written paper and that is open for everyone no matter you completed your college last year or 2-3 years back. All you have to do is prepare for its exam (some sample tests are in the online test section of our website). Once you clear written you will go through an interview that’s it. (i know it is not that simple but you have to work hard for written at least they provide opportunity.) Stay tuned to we will tell you when information about written paper comes.

For wallem ship management you will need to visit company in Mumbai and know about the vacancy. It is a very reputed company and provides everyone with opportunity. If i get information about vacancy will let you know guys.

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