Navigation in coastal water


Navigation in coastal water

  • Plan ahead before taking over the watch.
  • Check the track, compass error and course.
  • Check compass error at least once a watch.
  • Make keeping a lookout the priority
  • Assess the risk of collision and take action if necessary.
  • Fix ships position at regular interval if practicable.
  • Fixed more frequently in confined water.
  • Call the master before a potentially dangerous situation becomes critical.
  • Observe the change in the weather.
  • Study the chart and expect to find new landmarks before they are seen.
  • Maintain situational awareness, particularly if the ship has to deviate widely to avoid traffic.
  • Be prepared to use engine if necessary to ensure adequate see room.
  • Be prepared to call a lookout to the bridge if necessary.
  • Be prepared to call helmsman to bridge if necessary.
  • Keep track of UKC
  • Be aware of ships draft and UKC
  • Be aware of the ship’s stability
  • Be aware of the E.R status

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