1. Explain the following:-
i) Diff. of Latitude

ii) Great Circle

iii) Prime Meridian

iv) Meridonial parts

v) Departure

(10 Marks)

2. a) Ship’s course by compass 072⁰ C, Var 5⁰ E, find the true course using Dev card attached.
b) Find the compass course to steer, if the true course is 067⁰ T, Var 5⁰W, using Dev card attached.
c) Find the true course if the gyro course is 349⁰ G and gyro error is 6⁰ L. (10 Marks)
3. a) Why is it necessary to have both a Magnetic compass and a Gyro compass? ( 5 Marks)
b) What is transit bearing? Explain use of transit bearing to a navigator ( 5 Marks)
4. a) Two ships are on the same Latitude of 17⁰ 20’ N. They are 62nm away from each other. Both the
ships sail on a course of 000⁰ T at the same speed. Find the Latitude they will reach, when the
distance between them will be 44 nm. (5 Marks)
b) Using Plane sailing principle, find the course and distance from Lat 14⁰ 32’N Long 073⁰ 18’E to
Lat 12⁰ 30’N Long 071⁰ 10’E. (5 Marks)
5. Using Mercator principle, find the position arrived starting from 17⁰ 54’ S 012⁰ 37’W , if she sailed on a course of 106⁰ T for a distance of 3856 nm. (5Marks)


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