Out-of-gauge containers (OOG)


Out-of-gauge container means container on which standard lashing equipment and procedure cannot be applied.

OOG cargo means that cannot be packed within a 40 feet high cube containers special container may be used to transport such cargoes.

Stowage requirement

  • These loads are usually added after planning all other containers.
  • Are usually stored on top of other container (on the Deck or in hold) as the planner strive to minimise the number of “cost slot”(usually position) as much as possible.
  • storage of OOG containers on deck in the foremost bay is never permitted if possible stowage of OOG on Deck of the second most forward bay also to be avoided.
  • The OOG cargo should be secured properly and it should be ensured that the OG cargo won’t shift or break loose.

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