Paper 1


1  The dimensions of the Tween deck are 20m x 15m x 3m. Find the maximum weight of the general cargo that can be loaded in the compartment of stowage factor is 2.0m3/t and broken stowage is 10%. Will the quantity of cargo be different if load density of the deck is 1.25t/m2? Give reasons for your answer.


2 How will you prepare and inspect cargo hold for loading general cargo?


3  What are the duties of the watch keeping officer during cargo operations


4  Explain cargo lashing manual and what are the various types of lashing materials used for securing the cargoes on board  Break Bulk Ship


5 Explain various categories of cargoes carried by the ships and name the respective ships.


6 Define: (i) Bale Capacity (ii) Grain Capacity (iii) Stowage Factor (iv) Load Density (v) Broken Stowage


7(a) Define (i) Ship’s sweat (ii)Cargo sweat

(b) Explain with simple diagram the various methods of cargo ventilation on a general cargo ship.


8  Draw a neat sketch of a typical port side loadline marking on a Merchant Vessel with their dimensions.


9 (a) Define: (i) Safe Working Load (ii) Breaking Stress

(b) Explain the types and care of ropes and wires




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