Paper 10


1. a) Explain various categories of cargoes carried by ships.
b) Explain various types of ships which are used to transport different
categories of cargoes or goods.
2. Draw the profile of a container ships with cell guides.
3. Define a) (i) Load Density. (i) Cargo Density.
b) (i) Seaworthiness (ii) Cargoworthiness.
4. A cargo hold has a grain capacity of 3200 cu. mtrs and bale capacity of 3100
Cu. mtrs .Find the quantity of each of the following commodities which can
be loaded in the compartment:
– Cotton bales,stowage factor 1.6 cu.mtrs per ton and broken stowage 10%.
– Iron ore having stowage factor 0.40 cu.mtrs per ton.
5. Write Fire Prevention methods that are used onboard ships while carrying dangerous
6. What is the necessity for Ventilation in cargo compartment on Cargo ships?
7. Write Short Notes on the following:-
i) Natural Ventilation
ii) Mechanical Ventilation and
iii) Surface Ventilation
8. Define a) (i) Safe Working Load (ii) Breaking Stress and (iii) Factor of Safety.
b) What are the contents of test certificates for Cargo equipment?
9. Draw a Sketch of the Simple Derrick. And Name the Parts.

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