Paper 10


Note : Answer any FIVE questions. All questions carry equal marks
1. a) Draw a simple Derrick and Name its parts. (2×7 Marks)
b) State the uses and contents of a Rigging plan.
2. Define the following: Competent Person; Authorized Person ;Responsible Person as per the
Dock Labour Regulations. State the Duties and Powers of the Dock Safety Inspector. (14 Marks)
3. a) State the basic principles to be observed when making out a cargo stowage plan. (2×7 Marks)
b) What are the various factors that you would consider when finalizing cargo stowage plan.
4. State the contents and the objectives of the IMSBC Code. What precautions would you take when entering into Enclosed space. (14 Marks)
5. Define Grain; Partly filled compartment; Filled Compartment. What is DOA. Outline the contents of the Grain Stability Booklet. (14 Marks)
6. Describe in detail all the precautions that you would take when loading a full cargo of Timber on deck. (14 Marks)
7. Write short notes on Any Two of the following: (2×7 Marks)
i) Limit Switches.
ii) MSDS
iii) Chain Register.