Paper 11


1. (a) What is the need for Ventilation of Cargo Spaces during the voyage?
(b) What is the Ship Sweat and Cargo Sweat? [2×5 Marks]
2. (a) What is the contents & purpose of approved cargo securing Manual.
(b) What all operational checks to be done on Ship’s cargo gear before put on use? [2×5 Marks]
3. Write short notes on the following:
(i)Load density (ii)Stowage factor (iii)Safe working load (iv)Lashing (v)Protection of personnel. [5×2 Marks]
4. (a) Describe the aims and objective of IMSBC code
(b) what preperation of holds required prior loading bulk cargo [2×5 Marks]
5. With the help of sketch, describe “Container Bay Plan”. [10 Marks]
6. Write short notes on the following: [2×5 Marks]
(a)Hold preparation for Refrigerated Cargoes.
(b) Use of brine traps
7. Describe any two Cargo Piping System used in Tanker with help of suitable diagram. [10 Marks]
8. Define the following:
a)Competent Person b)Authorized Person c)Responsible Person d)Chain Register e)Annealing [5×2 Marks]