Paper 12


1. The Dimensions of Tween Deck are 20mX15mX3m. Find the maximum weight of General Cargo that can be Loaded in the Compartment, if SF is 2.0 m3/t . And Broken Stowage is 10%. Will the quantity of Cargo be different if Load Density of Deck is 1.25 t/m2? Give reasons for your answer.
2. What are the Categories of Cargoes and Types of Ships for Carrying them?
3. Define (a)Bale and Grain Capacity (b) Stowage Factor and Broken Stowage.
4.(a) What are the types of Hatch Covers?
(b) Write Short Notes on Macgregor steel Hatch Covers.
5. Sketch “Single Swinging Derrick” and name the parts.
6. Sketch “Ships Crane” and name the parts.
7. Write Short Notes on Types of Blocks and their Parts( with sketch ).
8. Write short notes on Cargo Handling Accessories (Mainly Types of Slings).

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