Paper 14 (3rd year)


1) ”The ODMCS is a very effective equipment to control oil pollution”. Explain the above
statement using the working of the ODMCS equipment on board. ( 14 marks)
2) What are the safety arrangements present on Oil tankers with regard to pressure
and vacuum in the oil tanks. (14 marks)
3) Explain the different types of hatch covers used on Dry Cargo vessel with their
advantages (14 marks)
4) a) Explain Bay plan on a Container Vessel and state the position of a Container
in location “090482” (2 X 7 marks)
b) What are the markings on a container?
5) Sketch roughly and explain Four nos. lashing materials used on container vessels. (14 marks)
6) What precautions are to be taken while loading or discharging heavy lifts
on a General Cargo Vessel (14 marks)
7) Write short notes on any two:- ( 7 X 2 marks)
a) Bill of lading.
b) Note of protest