Paper 15


1. Draw the sketch of a Union Purchase.
a) Name the parts.
b) Describe Precautions while using Union Purchage for loadin/Unloading.
2. The dimensions of a Tween deck which gave a bale capacity of 780 m3 are 13m ×10m ×6m. This space is to be filled with 220 t of cotton bales(S.F. 2.34 m3/t and B.S. 7.5%) and carpet rolls (4 m in length and 0.85 m in diameter).
What is the maximum number of carpet rolls you can carry and show how will you fit them in, with a plan view of the tween deck.
3. Write short notes on Duties and Responsibilities of Dock Safety Inspector.
4. A beam 3 m. long weighing 2 tonnes is to be lifted by a two-legged sling of Leg length 5 m. each. A weigh of 3 tonnes is placed 0.5 m from one end. Find the tension in each leg?
5. Write short notes on Bulk Cargo Hazards. Explain with flow diagram.
6. What is the purpose and objective of Bulk Carriers Loading and Unloading?
7. a) Write short notes on “The International Code for the Safe Carriage of
Grain in Bulk”.
b) Define Filled and Partly filled Compartment and Describe Securing
Method “Saucer” as per Grain Code.
8. What is the Use of Shifting boards and Bundling Arrangement (Grain Code)?
9. a) Define : What is “Timber” Cargo?
b) Describe precautions during loading of Timber Cargoes.
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