Paper 16


Q1. Sketch and Label various parts of a Crane.
Q2. a) Who is the Authorised person for inspections of Cargo gear?
b) What is a Chain Register? Who maintains it and what information are found from it?
Q3. How will you determine whether the hatch covers are weather tight?
Q4. (a) What are the hazards associated with carriage of Deck Timber Cargo.
(b) Writ Short notes on IMBSC code.
Q5. How will you prepare a hold for loading bulk coal?
Q6. Write short notes on following:
a) Stowage Factor (b) Broken Stowage (c) Angle of Repose
Q7. What are the precautions to be taken while loading high density cargo?
Q8. Write Short notes on following:
(a) Cargo Manifest (b) Stowage Plan (c) Bill of Lading (d) Mates receipt