Paper 17


1. Write short notes on :
a) Mate’s receipts b) Bill of lading.
2. Sketch the arrangements of a Container ship and explain how the position of a container is identified onboard.
3. Write short notes on the following:-
i) Container Code (CSC)
ii) Markings on a Container
4. a) Describe one of the refrigeration systems : i) Direct or ii) Indirect.
b) Write short notes on inspection of Reefer Cargo and Brine traps.
5. Write short notes on Effect of the heavy lifts on the seaworthiness and the stability of the ship.
6. a) Write short notes on procedures to check weather tightness of Hatch covers
b) Sketch and explain how the hatch covers are made watetight?
7. Explain the procedures of Gas freeing a Cargo Tanks after discharging cargo.
8. Write short notes on :
a) Oil Discharge Monitering and Control System (ODMCS).
b) Crude Oil Washing (COW).
9. Write short notes on the following:-
i) Explosimeter ii) Oxygen Analyser