Paper 18


1. Write short notes on following: (i) Factors affecting Sweat (ii) IMSBC Code
2. What Precautions will you take while Carrying Deck Cargo?
3. Discuss various hazards associated with solid bulk cargoes
4. Draw the sketch of a Container (i) Name the parts (ii) Show the markings.
5. (a) Short Notes on Inspection of Refer Cargo, prior, during and after Loading.
(b) Short Notes on Use of “ BRINE TRAPS”.
6. (a) Shorts Notes on Types of “OIL Cargoes”.
(b)Draw the Flammability Diagram and explain UFL & LFL
7. Draw the Sketch of Single Swinging Derrick and name the Parts.
8. (a) What are the uses of dunnage in general cargo loading?
(b) What are the contents of Cargo Securing Manual?
9. (a) What are the cargo piping systems on an Oil Tanker?
(b) List the various Container securing gears used on a Container Ship

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