Paper 19



Pass Mark – 42

Answer any SEVEN questions only, All Carry equal marks.
1. Explain Various Categories of Cargoes carried by the Ships and Name the respective Ships.
2. Draw Side View and Top View (Birds eye) of a Bulk Carrier.
3. Draw the sketch of “Union Purchase” of Derrick. Name the Parts.
4. Define (i) Bale Capacity (ii) Grain Capacity
(iii) Stowage Factor (iv) Broken Stowage.
5. Write Notes on Seaworthiness and Cargoworthiness.
6. (a) What is Ship Sweat and Cargo Sweat.
(b) How will you Prevent the same?
7. (a) Draw the sketch of Block, and name the Parts.
(b) How will you determine whether a wire rope has to be condemned?
8. What are the Duties of Watchkeeping Officer during Cargo Operation?
9. Note on Inspection and Preparation of Hold prior to Loading Bulk Cargo.