Paper 3


Answer any SEVEN questions only , All questions carry equal marks


Write short notes on :

a) Charter Parties b) Note of Protest


Explain following terms for the carriage of container onboard ship.

(i)  Bay plan

(ii)  Stack Weight

(iii)  Twist Locks


Write down the contents of CSC (Container Code) .  What is the importance of  check digit on container marking.


Explain the process of carrying refrigerated cargo on reefer ship with regard to

(i)  Loading / Stowage   (ii)  In transit     (iii)   Discharge of the  cargo


Describe the precautions and stowage plan to be taken into consideration before loading and discharging of locomotive and wagons of bullet train coming from Spain to India.


Sketch and explain how the hatch covers are made weather tight and the process to inspect the weather tightness onboard ship.


What do you understand by the term “Purging” onboard a Tanker ? Draw a neat sketch of   “Explosimeter” and explain its uses.


Write short notes on :


a) Centrifugal Pump (COP)


b) Crude Oil Washing (COW).


9.Write short notes on the following:-

i) Flammability diagram         ii) PV Valve