Paper 3


Note: Question No. 1 is Compulsory and Carries 15 marks. Answer any Three of the remaining Four, each carries 10 marks.

1. (a) Sketch and Define the following: (10 marks)
(i) Prime Vertical
(ii) Vertical Circles
(iii) Sidereal Hour Angle (SHA)
(iv) Local Hour Angle (LHA)
(v) Greenwich Hour Angle (GHA)
(b) Explain the importance of “GMT” on ships. (5 marks)

2. On 21st Jan 1992, in DR 24° 36′𝑆 110° 20′𝑊, the sextant altitude of the Sun’s LL on the meridian was 85° 05.5′. If IE was 1.6’ OFF the arc and HE was 10m, find the latitude and the direction of the PL. (10 marks)

3. Given Sextant Altitude of VENUS 40° 16.1’, I.E. 1.2’ ON the arc., H.E.12.5m, on 18th Jan 1992. Find the True Altitude of VENUS, after applying each correction separately. (10 marks)

4. On a certain day in Longitude 35° W, the Moon’s LHA was 335°, when 𝐺𝐻𝐴𝛾 𝑤𝑎𝑠 263° Find the SHA of the Moon. (10 marks)

5. Explain “Local Mean Time” and “Standard Time”. What is the relationship between GMT and LMT with respect to Longitude? (10 marks)