Paper 4


1 Sketch and Label various parts of a Crane.


2 a) Who is the Authorised person for inspection of Cargo gear

  1. b) What is a Chain Register? Who maintains it and what information are found from it?


3 How will you determine whether the hatch covers are weather tight?


4 (a) What are the hazards associated with carriage of Deck Timber Cargo.

   (b) Write Short notes on IMBSC code.


5 How will you prepare a hold for loading bulk coal


6 Write short notes on following:

  1. Stowage Factor b) Broken Stowage c) Angle of Repose


7 What are the precautions to be taken while loading high density cargo?


8 Write Short notes on following:

a)Cargo Manifest b)Stowage Plan


9 a) Bill of Lading b) Mates receipt



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