Paper 5


Note: All questions carry equal marks. Attempt any SEVEN.


Write short notes on the following: (5 x 2 Marks= 10 Marks)

Ship Sweat

Cargo Sweat

Relative Humidity

Bale capacity

Cargo slings


. (a) Short Notes on Inspection of Refer Cargo, prior, during and after Loading.

(b) Short Notes on Use of “ BRINE TRAPS”.   (10 Marks)


Write down:               (2 x 5 Marks = 10 Marks)

Different markings on any freight container with brief details?

Types of containers being used in international container trade?


List down with brief details about loose cargo securing gears being used on any container ship? (10 Marks)


What precautions are required to be taken while using forklifts, bulldozers, grabs and other heavy gear onboard ?                                                             (10 Marks)


. (a) Shorts Notes on Types of “OIL Cargoes”.

(b)Draw the Flammability Diagram and explain UFL & LFL      (10 Marks)


Define following terms as per IMSBC Code      (5 x 2 Marks = 10 Marks)

Angle of repose

Moisture migration

Flow moisture point

Transportable moisture limit

Spontaneous combustion

Draw and Explain the Cargo Piping System of an Oil Tanker       (10 Marks)

Give brief detail about different methods of using dunnage to prevent cargo from movement on general cargo ship at sea? Draw related diagrams also? (10 Marks)