Paper 5


Note: Norie’s Nautical Table and Non-programmable Scientific calculator is                   permitted.

          Nautical Almanac of 1992 to be used.


Question No. 1 is Compulsory .  Answer any Three of the remaining .  All question  carry equal 10 marks.


  1. In North latitude, the lower meridian altitude of a star of declination 30o 50’N and 10o 40’ by sextant.  If IE was 3.1’off the arc, and HE was 10m, find the latitude and compute the sextant altitude of the upper meridian passage.


  1. Write short notes on the following: 10 Marks

(i) Twilights

(ii) ‘v’ and ‘d’ corrections in a nautical almanac


  1. (a)  Explain with a neat diagram Solar eclipse, types and conditions for a solar eclipse to occur.   (5)

(b)   Describe the different phases of Moon with a suitable diagram     – 5 Marks



  1. Explain with a neat diagram Solstices and equinoxes and significance of the eccentricity of the earth’s orbit. (10)


  1. To a stationary observer, an unknown star bore 000°(T) with true altitude 78°12’. After about 12 hrs, the same star bore 180°(T)with true altitude 18°54’. Calculate the observer’s latitude and the declination of the star. (10)


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