Paper 6


a) List the  information you will obtain from Dangerous Goods list of IMDG Code         (4)

b) What is NOS in IMDG Code?                                                                                      (2)

c) Explain about Stowage of Cargo as stated in IMDG Code                                           (4)


a) Explain Type 1 (IBC Code) Chemical Tankers                                                (3)

b) Why is Pre Wash carried out for category X cargo? (Annex II MARPOL)                   (2)

c) List the hazards of cargo on a Chemical Tanker.                                                          (5)


a) With the aid of a diagram explain Type – B Tank  (IGC Code) on a Gas Carrier         (5)                                                                   b)  What is the purpose of IGC Code?                                                                               (3)

c) Why is Emergency shutdown provided on a Gas Carrier?                                          (2)


a) List the checks you will carry out while carrying out inspection on a Bulk Carrier

i) Prior loading Grain                                                                                               (3)

ii) During inspection for defects                                                                                (3)

b) With the aid of a diagram, explain the stress areas of a corrugated bulkhead on a

bulk carrier.                                                                                                                 (4)


a) What is the purpose of floating decks on a Car Carrier                                    (2)

b) What is the problem of excessive stern ramp gradient on a Car Carrier                     (3)

c) With the aid of a diagram explain how trailers are secured on a Ro Ro Vessel         (5)


a) What is a Multipurpose vessel?                                                                                   (2)

b) List the Cargoes being transported on a Multipurpose vessel?                                    (2)

c) Explain how you will secure a container on a Multipurpose vessel.                          (6)


a) List the features of an offshore supply vessel                                                              (5)

b) Expand the abbreviation :

(i)  IBC Code    (ii)  SIGTTO    (iii)  LEG     (iv)  BCH Code    (v)  ISGOTT           (5)



Prepare a check list prior entering a ballast tank for inspection (10)


a) List the hazards on a Gas Carrier                                                                      (5)

b) List the types of cargoes carried on a Gar Carrier.                                           (5)






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