Paper 7


1. a) Write short notes on ship sweat and cargo sweat. How will you prevent them?
b) Describe the types of ventilation with sketch.
2. a) What is the importance of Lashing and Securing of Cargo considering the
various types of motions, the ship is subjected at sea?
b) Draw the diagram of a ship showing various types of motions experienced at sea.
3. What are the precautions to be considered when loading Deck cargo?
4. What is the aim and objective of Solid Bulk Cargo code (BC) and
Bulk Loading Unloading Code (BLU)
5. a) What are the types of containers and list the cargoes carried in them.
b) What are the advantages and disadvantages of containerisation of cargoes?
6. Write short notes on the following with respect to a reefer vessel
a) Cooled cargo b) Frozen cargo c) Chilled cargo d) Brine Traps
7. What are the main points to be kept in mind during carriage of Refrigerated cargo?
8. a) What is the aim of Dock Labourer’s Act?
b) Describe duties and power of inspectors.
9. a) What is the importance of markings on ship’s lifting appliances and cargo gear?
b) What is a Chain Register?
10. a) Draw and name the parts of a simple derrick.
b) Write short notes on Union Purchase System.

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