Paper 7


1. (a) Define the following with sketches :-
(i) Right Ascension (R.A.)
(ii) Apehelion
(iii) Prime Vertical
(iv) Azimuth
(v) Elongation of a Planet.
(b) Write short notes on “STELLAR MAGNITUDE”.
2. To an observer in North Latitude, a Star of Declination 19°13’ N bore 000° (T), when on the meridian, if the True Altitude of the Star at maximum Azimuth was 24°30’, find the observer’s Latitude.
3. (a) State the conditions necessary for Twilight to exist all night.
(b) Is the duration of Twilight constant all over the world? Explain with suitable sketches.
4. (a) Define circumpolar bodies what conditions are necessary for a body to be circumpolar?
(b) Prove that:-
Polar distance = 1/2 (True alt above pole – True alt below pole)

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