Paper 9


1. a) Explain the various categories of cargoes carried by the ships.
b) Name various types of ships used to transport the above cargoes.
2. What are the types of containers . What care for container cargo is required
3. What is cargo sweat and ship’s sweat? How do you control the ventilation of cargo holds?
4. What are the duties of officer on cargo watch?
5. Write short note on the following: i) Bale capacity ii) Grain capacity
iii) Stowage factor iv) Broken stowage v) Load density.
6. a) List the three types of ropes used onboard cargo ships.
b) Write short notes on all three types of ropes.
7. The dimensions of a tween deck (bale capacity of 760 m3) are 13m x 10m x 6m. 220t of
cotton bales (SF 2.35 m3/t and BS = 7%) are to be loaded. Calculate the height of empty
space left in the tween deck.
8. What steps should be taken by the officer on cargo watch for safe cargo handling?
9. How to prepare a hold for loading general cargo?
10. What is the importance of segregation and separation of cargoes. Explain with the examples.