Performance standard of ECDIS.


Performance standard of ECDIS.

  • The primary function of ECDIS is to contribute to safe navigation.
  • ECDIS with adequate backup arrangement may be accepted as complying with the upto date charts required by the regulation v/20 of the 1974 SOLAS convention.
  • In addition to general requirements for Shipborne radio equipment forming part of the GMDSS and for electronic navigational aids contained in IMO regulation. ECDIS should meet the requirement of the performance standard.
  • ECDIS should be capable of displaying all charts info necessary for safe and effective navigation obtained by and distributed on the authority of government authorised hydrographic office.
  • ECDIS should be simple and reliable in updating of electronic navigational aids.
  • ECDIS should reduce the navigational workload compared to using the paper chart it should enable mariner to execute in a convenient and timely manner, all route planning monitoring and position currently performed on paper chart. It should be capable of continuously plotting the ships position.
  • ECDIS should have at least the same reliability and availability of presentation as the paper chart published by the government organised hydrographic office.
  • ECDIS should provide appropriate alarm or indication with respect to the info displayed.

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