Permit to work – Enclosed space entry


Following are the contents – Enclosed space entry.

  • On the top is the serial number.
  • Date and time
  • How long the permit is valid.
  • Location of work.
  • A total number of persons entering a space with the name and their sign.
  • Information about the work for which the entry is made.
  • The oxygen content of the enclosed space with time.
  • Time of entry and time of exit.
  • Is the space being continuously ventilated?
  • Is the agreed communication system functioning?
  • Is there constant atmosphere monitoring done?
  • Is there a man standing by at the entrance (standby).
  • Is the entrance clear?
  • Is fire fighting equipment available.?
  • Have potential Hazards been identified?
  • Is the bridge and engine room informed?

There are many case when people bypass this checklist and lose life. In fact, I have heard from many of my friends that checklists are being bypassed. Not because the company is putting pressure to do something but people want to show that they did many works this month. This can take your life, So Always follow the checklist even if some top-level officers ask you to skip it.

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