Personnel Management – Nature of job at sea.


Nature of job at sea.

  1. Sailors work on ships like tankers and passenger ship and are responsible for repairing, stowing and preparing most deck equipment, such as
    1. Cargo handling gears
    2. docking
    3. handling ships mooring lines
  2. At sea, they stand watch and navigate the vessel.
  3. Sailors must be qualified to take charge of lifeboat, Crew and be familiar with fire safety and fire fighting equipment’s location.
  4. Sailor with less experience also known as ordinary seamen perform routine maintenance work. They scrub deck area and clean crew quarters, Operate winches etc.
  5. Ordinary seamen may also take over able seamen’s steering and lookout duties.
  6. Other then safety duties and navigation of ship they are also responsible for Safety of cargo.
  7. The Job at sea is considered difficult as it demands both physical and mental alertness and any wrong action of the crew can be fatal.

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