Place where houses don’t have doors, Shani Shingnapur


Imagine a village where homes have no front doors, shops are always left unlocked and people don’t feel unsafe. A place in Indian State of Maharashtra where people have so much Faith in Lord Shani (The god of Saturn) that they don’t have doors in their house.

People say that some hundreds of years ago flood was faced in Shingnapur, A heavy black rock was found near the shore of Panasnala River after the flood, which people say once flowed through the village. When villagers touched the rock blood started coming out of that Black Rock. Later that night village mukhiya saw a dream and Shani temple was constructed.

Shani Shignapur.
Shani Temple Under construction and the new temple looks beautiful.
A Normal Shop near the Shani temple ( Shani Shingnapur )

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