Points common to both Acid & Alkaline Battery


Points common to both Acid & Alkaline Battery

❖Due to chemical breakdown of H2O, contained in the electrolyte, O2 & H2 Gases are evolved

❖Evolved gases carry mist of corrosive acid / alkaline electrolyte

❖H2 gas is highly explosive

❖Vents are provided to allow evolved gases to escape and to prevent internal pressure built up

❖Evolution of gas and evaporation causes loss of water

❖Topped up with distilled water

❖Recharged using suitable charging equipment

❖Capacity is rated in terms of its discharge current at the 10 hours rate

❖250 Ahr battery can supply 12 A for 10 hrs

❖Used for emergency power loads – emergency lighting, starting emergency generator, navigational lights, fire detection and alarm system, engine room control console and alarm circuits