Precations to be taken while loading and discharging heavy lift.

  1. Carry out ” risk assessment” prior to commencing operation to ensure that all possible areas of hazard are taken account of and all risks are at the acceptable ,tolerable risk level.
  2. All the free surface effects should be reduced or eliminated , if possible , so to have positive value of GM throughout the operation.
  3. Ensure that the stability of the vessel is adequate to compensate for the anticipated angle of heel that can be experienced when the load at the maximum angle of outreach.
  4. Ensure that area is clear of all unnecessary personnel.
  5. check that winch drivers are competent and that all winches are in placed into double gear to ensure slow moving operation.
  6. Aditional rigging should be secured as per the ships rigging plan.
  7. A full inspection of all lifting tackles , blocks , shackles , guys and wires should be conducted before operation .
  8. Allowance should be made for the weight lifted plus the weight of purchase
  9. Try to avoid Shock due to Slipping or sudden start.
  10. Ensure that the deck area where the load is to be loaded is clear of obstruction.
  11. Ensure that deck plate is laid with timber barriers (heavy dunnage to spread the weight of the load.