Preparation of hold


Hold preparation

1 . Sweep and clean throughout with particular attention to insulations, beams, gratings air ducts, braine pipes etc. In order to remove all traces and odour of previous cargo

2. Wipe everything with disinfectant fluid to prevent unwanted formations of mounds and spots.

3. Check ventilation are they working properly, if not needed close it properly.

4. Brine traps should be checked and tapped up to prevent cold air from entering the bilges and freezing them or odour from reaching the refrigerated compartment.

5. Strum box should be clean and free from previous cargoes.

6. Bilge suction should be working properly.

7. Bilges should be made dry, clean and ventilated in order to remove foreign matter and odour.

8. Clean dunnage should be used, meat hooks, bars and chains used for stowage of cargo should be sanitized before using .