Procedure for man entry in enclosed space.


Enclosed space permit – It is a work permit that is issued prior to entry into enclosed space. This permit is issued only after  REQUIRED SAFETY CHECKS  AND INSPECTION OF SPACE have been done and necessary precautions have been taken.

Procedure for man entry in enclosed space.

  1. Obtain enclosed space permit .
  2. Ensure that the space to enter is well ventilated.
  3. Check for oxygen content and toxic gases before entry.
  4. Space to be entered should be adequately illuminated.
  5. Ensure that a rescue system is ready for immediate use in case of emergency.
  6. A responsible person is at standby outside the space and is actively communicating with the person inside the space. (Function of the person in stand by is to raise alarm if difficulties are experienced by those inside the enclosed space. )
  7. Regular monitoring of the atmosphere inside the space is done.
  8. A permit to work is displayed at the entrance of the space.
  9. Ventilation arrangement should be continuously in use till the person is inside the enclosed space.
  10.  All personnel should be briefed on withdrawal procedure from the space, In case of emergency. 

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