IMU campuses and affiliated colleges previous year question papers for semester exam.

1. (a) Name the Personal Protective equipment that you will use while working on deck. Describe any three of them.
(b) What preparation should be done before joining Bridge Team as a lookout man at night?
2. (a) Box the Compass from S to E.
(b) How are navigational watches arranged on board a merchant ship?
3. (a) What are the differences between an ordinary craft and a survival craft?
(b) Name atleast 10 essential equipments other than ration and water required in a Life
Boat for survival.
4. (a) Name the various dist signals (Pyrotechnics) kept in a life boat and under what condition each of them are used?
(b) What are the safety features of a totally enclosed Life boat.
5. (a) Explain fire triangle. How understanding fire triangle will assist in controlling
Fire on board ship?
(b) Name types of Portable fire extinguishers and the type of fire they are used on.
6. (a) Describe routine maintenance required on fire hydrants and fire main line.
(b) How will you refill a soda water type extinguisher?
7. (a) What are the various lays of natural fiber ropes?
(b) What are the cares to be taken to maintain natural fiber rope in good condition?
8. (a) What are the advantages of synthetic fiber ropes over natural fiber ropes?
(b) What are precautions to be observed while using synthetic ropes for mooring
9. What are the uses of following on board ship:
(a) Logline (b) Leadline ( c) Marline (d) Oakum.

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