NOTE: Attempt any SEVEN questions. All questions carry equal marks    7×10=70

Use of Non-programmable scientific calculator is allowed.


  1. a) Explain different types of storage devices with example
  2. b) Explain the need for keeping a back up of all data on ships
  3. a) What is operating system? Explain its usage. Give examples
  4. b) List some common keyboard shortcuts and its uses
  5. c) What is the difference between moving and copying a file?
  6. a) What is primary memory? Explain different types of primary memory?
  7. b) Explain the role of My Computer, Recycle Bin, Desktop
  8. a) Write short notes on
    1. i) De-fragmentation
    2. ii) Hyperlink
    3. Write down the steps to insert and delete worksheets in ms excel


  1. What is a virus? How it is spread? How can it be prevented?


  1. (a) What is the procedure in msword
    1. i) to insert symbols and pictures
    2. ii) to insert headers and footers
    3. b) Describe the complete process of mail merge


  1. a) Explain various functions in excel with examples.
  2. b) Explain various charts available in Ms–Excel.


  1. a) What is master slide? Explain how to create master slide in Ms–PowerPoint
  2. Explain about animation and slide transaction in Ms–PowerPoint