IMU campuses and affiliated colleges previous year question papers for semester exam.

Q. 1 (a) When a vessel is said to be at an “Angle of Loll”? Discuss the Stability of a vessel at an
“Angle of Loll”. [10 Marks]

(b) Derive a formula: for angle of loll [10 Marks]
Where is the Angle of Loll.

Q. 2 A box shaped vessel 110 m long, 20 m breadth, floating in SW on an even keel draft of 5.3 m, has an aftermost compartment, 15 m long and extending side to side, This compartment is loaded with
steel coils, such that permeability of the compartment is 30%. The compartment gets bilged below
water line. If the KG in original condition is 4.7m, Calculate drafts F & A in bilged condition.                                                                                     [15 Marks]

Q. 3 M. V. ‘Hindship’ sails in condition No. 6. On the voyage, she is expected to consume 230 tonnes of fuel from No. 3 DB tank & No. 7 DB tank. Find the amount to be consumed from each tank to arrive on an even keel. [15 Marks]

Q. 4 A Vessel of length 140m, KM = 6.5m, KG=6.0m, COF 2m forward of midships. Displacement 19,200t. MCTC 120 is to be drydocked. Calculate the maximum permissible trim by the astern, so that she will have a minimum GM of 0.3m on taking blocks F & A. [15 Marks]