Answer any seven questions. All questions carries equal marks        7×10 = 70marks


  1. a. Describe the types of Organisational Structures.                             (5marks)
  2. Explain Authority and Delegation.                                                             (5marks)


  1. Write short notes on the following:
  2. Motivation  (5marks)
  3. Decision making  (5marks)


  1. Explain the purpose and role of Managerial Accounting. (10marks)
  2. a. What are the barriers to Effective interpersonal Communication?. Explain. (5marks)
  3. Analyse the effect on profitability in a company due to pricing decisions.     (5marks)


  1. a. Discuss the role of shipping Companies in the maritime industry (5marks)
  2. Write down different types of shipping companies.                                                                             (5marks)


  1. Write short notes on:
  2. Indian Customs Act and purposes (5marks)
  3. The documents relating to ship operation and trade with respect to Customs Act (5marks)


  1. Explain in brief the Maritime administration in India. (10marks)


  1. Explain in brief about the Maritime Fraud and safeguards to be taken to prevent it. (10 marks)
  2. Explain the role and functions of following institutions: (2×5) = 10marks.

a.WTO                       b. IMF