Bridge Equipment and Watch Keeping (40 Marks)

(Attempt any FOUR questions from this section. All questions carry equal marks)
1. Explain the operation and principle of Emergency steering.
2. What are the standard wheel orders and their meanings?
3. How would you monitor the navigation of the pilot?
4. What conditions must be satisfied by the OOW before taking
over a bridge watch?
5. What are the circumstances in which the OOW should call the Master immediately?
6. (a) Why is record keeping, necessary part of watch keeping?
(b) What is meant by ‘lookout’ as per Colregs?

Collision Prevention (30 Marks)

(Attempt any THREE questions from this section. All questions carry equal marks)
7. What are the arcs of visibility and their ranges of lights in a vessel greater than 50
meters? Draw a suitable diagram.
8. What are the lights displayed by (a) Vessel constrained by draught (b) Vessel engaged
in Pilotage duties.
9. What sound signals will be sounded by the following vessels in restricted visibility:
(a) A Power driven vessel making way
(b) A power-driven vessel underway but stopped and making no way
through the water
(c) A vessel not under command
(d) A vessel constrained by her draught
(e) A vessel at anchor.
10. List ten Distress signals, which a vessel may exhibit, while in Distress.

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