1. Write the procedure to create PDF document state the advantages of using PDF document. (10)


  1. Explain networking topology and the types of network topologies.                                              (10)



  1. a) Describe the peer to peer network and client to server network system.                                  (5)


  1. b)  Explain the significance as to how a networking can improve business operations.                 (5)



  1. a) Explain the term                         (10)
  2. crippling and punching of the network cable
  3. Virus  Protection


  1. Illustrate the features of various types of filtering mechanism into E-mail system and

process of  re-arranging grid line and cells.                                                                            (10)


  1. a) Differentiate CAT 5 and CAT 6 cable.                         (5)
  2. b) How to change the field size of a number and text field in MS- Access.                                   (5)



  1. a) List the procedure to create a Employee table in the new database with the field as:

Emp Number                              Text                             10

Emp Name                                  Text                             15

Emp address                               Text                             25

Date of Birth                               Date/Time                   Medium date

Salary                                          Currency                    currency                                                                                                (5)


  1. b) What are Queries? Write steps to create query that display first name, last name and

city of  tudent from India and save the query as query student.                                       (5)










8  a) Describe the following data types with an example  :                                                                  (5)


Data type Description Example
Auto Number    
OLE Object    


  1. b) What is report Wizard? Write steps to create a report using Report wizard with

an example.                                                                                                                                                                                     (5)


9.a) Write the procedure to create a form  with all fields on the library table.

  1. Name the form Book Entries.
  2. Make the Accession Number of each book in the form, Red.
  • Insert a picture in the form in way that all text is visible.                                                                          (5)


  1. b) What is report Wizard? List its advantages as compared to creating a report in design view.   (5)



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