B.Sc. (Nautical Science) Semester – I
December  End semester Examination.

IMU campuses and affiliated colleges previous year question papers for semester exam.

1) Define the following (2x 5 = 10 Marks)
i) SWL, ii) Ullage iii) Proof Load,
iv) Broken stowage v) Load density
2) What is the smallest purchase that could be used to lift a load of 5 tonne using a steel wire rope having a safe working load (SWL) of the wire equal to 3.125 tonnes. (10 Marks)
3) What are Multipurpose ships. What cargoes do they carry. Give examples. (10 Marks)
4) a) Explain with simple diagram Bale capacity and Grain capacity . (5 Marks)
b) Describe the various types of slings used for cargo work on board
General Cargo ships. (5 Marks)
5) Explain in brief how cargo gear is to be inspected and the various items to be
inspected prior cargo operation. (10 Marks)
6) Describe in detail the hold preparation on ships for general cargo loading operations.
(10 Marks)
7) Compare the advantages and disadvantages of Cranes and Derricks. (10 Marks)
8) a) What is ship’s sweat and cargo sweat? (5 Marks)
b) Explain how cargo ventilation is carried out on board ship to prevent
sweat formation. (5 Marks)
9) a) Differentiate between Natural and Synthetic fibre ropes. (5 Marks)
b) What care should be taken while handling wire ropes? (5 Marks)
10) a) Draw and name the parts of the block. (5 Marks)
b) Explain in brief different types of tackles
(5 Marks)