1. Explain Gnomonic and Mercator Projection and list its advantages and disadvantages.  (10)
  2. Find the initial course and the final course along the Great Circle track between the


From                                                                           To

Latitude  490 50’ N                                                      32029’N

Longitude 0050 15’E                                                  064000’W                                     (10)


  1. a) Find the length of 10 Longitude if 1o of Latitude on a Mercator Chart measures

12 cms in Latitude 400S.                                                                                                    (3)


  1. b) On 4 May a Ship in position 00 10’N 680 09 E set course as follows:-

Time     Co       Dev       Var      Leeway        Wind        Log

1200    1260        20E         40E          30              SW            0

A/C    1800    1490        3oE         40E         20              NE           89

A/C     2300    2100        10W        50E         30              SE         168

2400                                                                                180

A current set the vessel 183 T at 1.5 knots  throughout.  Find the EP at 2400 Hours    (7)

  1. Find the initial course, final course and distance along the Composite circle track.

From                                                         To

Latitude                  37048’N                                                    35040’N

Longitude                1220 40’W                                                1410 00’E

If the maximum Latitude is 450N                                                                                        (10)

  1. List the information you will obtain from the following publications:
  2. a) Admiralty Sailing Direction                                                                                        (3)
  3. b) The Mariner’s Hand book                                                                                           (3)
  4. c) Catalogue of Charts and Admiralty Publications                                                        (4)
  5. On a voyage from London to Avonmouth
  6. a) A vessel steering 2500 (c) at  1900hrs, St. Catherine point Lt.bore 3020 (c)

and Nab Tower bore 0020 ( C ) Find the ship’s position at 1900 hrs.                          (5)


  1. b) From this position, set a course by compass to pass Bill of Portland Lt. 10 miles

off when a beam on the starboard side – Find the course of  Steer.                             (1)


  1. c) While on this course at 2100 hrs Anvil point Lt.Ho bore 4 points on the starboard bow          and at 2145 hrs. Anvil point Lt.was a beam on the starboard side Find the ship’s                              position at the time of beam bearing at                                                          (4)

( Variation 140W,  Ship’s speed 12 knots,  Deviation card I.)

  1. At 1400hrs the following compass bearings were observed:

Casquet’s lighthouse                             0610 (C)

Les Hanois lighthouse                            1120 (C)

Roches Douvres lighthouse                   1730  (C)

Find the ship’s position and the deviation of the compass for the ship’s head

(variation was 20E)                                                                                                          (10)


  1. a) A ship in latitude 500 S steers a course of 2500 (T) making a D’Long of 20’/ hour.

Calculate the Ship’s speed.                                                                                                (5)

  1. b)  Find Course and Distance from 20o10’N 179o40’W to 13o40’N 178o10É.                       (5)
  2. a) In sailing a certain course and distance, the d’lat is 1.5 times the departure

and 0.8 times the d’long.  Find the Middle Latitude and Course Made Good.                 (5)


  1. b) Vessel’s starting position was 200 11’N 0720 52’W had set a course of 032o T

covered a distance of 238 miles during the passage.  Find the position arrived.              (5)



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