IMU campuses and affiliated colleges previous year question papers for semester exam.

Note: Attempt any SEVEN questions .
All questions carry equal marks. (7 x 10 Marks= 70 Marks)

1. How will you prepare a surface for painting? What care and maintenance will you do for copper and brass surfaces?
2. Explain the various types of lifeboat davits and their operation.
3. Explain in detail how will you prepare the life boat for launching.
4. Draw a neat sketch of an inflatable life raft and name all its parts.
5. (a) What is the use of “Thermal Protective Aid” .How many LTA’s are
carried on a ship? What is the maximum range its line can cover?
(b) What pyrotechnics are carried on board a ship?
6. List out the various types of fixed fire fighting systems available on board and describe any one in detail.
7. Briefly describe a self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), its uses and limitations.
8. What are the different grades of steel used in making wire ropes? What is the purpose of bulldog grips?
9. (a) What are the types of ropes used on board ships?
(b) Explain the care and maintenance of wire ropes.