Note : Answer any FIVE questions out of SEVEN questions. All questions carry equal marks. (5Γ— 14 = 70 Marks)
1. a) Do as directed. (8 Marks)
i. Add (110110)2 and (101010)2
ii. Subtract (111010)2π‘Žπ‘›π‘‘ (101001)2
iii. Multiply (11010)2 and (1011)2
iv. Divide (1110100)2π‘Žπ‘›π‘‘ (100)2
b) Explain the BCD code and Excess-3 code. Encode the decimal Number 46 to BCD and Excess-3 code (6 Marks)
2. a) Carry out the following conversions: (10 Marks)
i. (101101.10101)2=?10
ii. (3287.51)10=?8
iii. (4𝐸𝐹.12)16=?10
iv. (473.25)8=?16
v. (36.6832)10=?2
b) Perform the following subtraction using 2’s complement method.
(4 Marks)
i) (110101)2βˆ’(111101)2 ii. (101101)2βˆ’(11011)2
3. a) Distinguish between (5+5+4 Marks)
i Cyber cash and Dig cash
ii Low level and High level language
iii Real and virtual Memory
4. a) What is cryptography? In modern E-Commerce, State its relevance.
(7 Marks)
b) List and explain technical issues related to E- Commerce. (7 Marks)
5. a) Explain the Batch processing, Multiprogramming and time shared system of computer environments. (7 Marks)
b) Explain Compiler, Assembler and Interpreter? (7 Marks)
6. a) Define E- Commerce? List out concerns for E-Commerce growth.
(7 Marks)
b) Differentiates Intranets and Extranets ? List the features of Intranets.
(7 Marks)
7. a) State and explain E-Commerce characteristics with respect to its first wave. (7 Marks)
b) What is SET and where is it used? State its advantages and disadvantages. (7 Marks)

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