IMU campuses and affiliated colleges previous year question papers for semester exam.

1.(a) Define PCM. Describe generation and demodulation of PCM. (7 Marks)
(b)With the help of block diagram explain the working of a super heterodyne
receiver. (7 Marks)
2.(a)Explain the terms sampling, quantisation ,quantizing error and encode.
(7 Marks)
(b) What is straight receiver? What are the drawbacks of a straight receiver? How are they overcome in a TRF? Explain TRF receiver. (7 Marks)
3. (a)Explain the working of a communication receiver with help of a block diagram. (7 Marks)
(b)With the aid of appropriate diagram, explain the operation of Yagi Uda
antenna. (7 Marks)
4. (a) Compare resonant and non-resonant line. (7 Marks)
(b) Explain the terms radiation pattern, radiation resistance, impedance
matching. (7 Marks)
5. (a) Draw the block diagram of RADAR, explain the action of each section.
(7 Marks)
(b)What is called Radio Direction finding? Explain in detail. (7 Marks)
6.(a) The pulse repetition frequency (prf) of a pulsed radar is 750 Hz. Find the
maximum range in kms. that the radar can detect a target. Also determine th range in nautical miles. (7 Marks)
b)What are the limitation of radar. Explain the use of Radar altimeters and radar beacons. (7 Marks)
7. Write short note (Any two) (7 +7 Marks)
i) Standing wave ratio (ii)_F.M. receiver (ii) Types of noise

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