Section A
1. Define the following:
(a). Great Circle. (b). Nautical Mile. (c). Dlat.
(d). Prime Meridian. (e). Equator. (10)
2. (a). If the ship’s course by compass was 165°(C), Find the True course? Variation
3°W.Deviation as per Deviation card I. Also find Compass Error. (5)
(b). Find the compass course to steer, if the true course is 135° (T) Variation 4°E.
Deviation as per Deviation Card I. (5)
3. (a). Find the true course if the Gyro course is 265° (G) and the Gyro Error is
1°HIGH. (5)
(b). Find the Gyro course to steer, if the true course is 252°(T) and the Gyro Error is
2° LOW. (2)
(c). what are Isogonic and Agonic lines? (3)
4. (a). A vessel left a position in Lat. 39° 00′ S. Long. 30° 08′ W. and travelled due East
until her Longitude was 25° 22′ W. How many miles did she travel? (5)
(b). In what latitude will 120 miles departure be equal to 145’ dlong ? (5)
5. (a). A vessel left position Lat. 41° 44′ S. on a course of 158°. Find the distance she
had travelled on reaching the parallel of 48° 16′ S. (5)
(b). A vessel travelled for 245.0 miles on a Course of 062° (T). Find the D. Lat. And
Departure using Traverse Tables. (5)
6. Find the course and distance from Position A 03° 45’N 043° 27’W to Position B
at 25° 21’N 048° 53’W using Mercator Sailing method.

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