Note : Answer any FIVE questions out of EIGHT questions. All questions carry equal marks. (5× 14 = 70)
1. a) What is operator precedence? Explain the types of operators in
C-language and state their uses. (7 Marks)
b) i)What are the types of instructions used in C programming? (2+5 Marks)
ii)Explain types of constants and list rules for constructing integer constant.
2. a) In an company an employee is paid as follows: (7 Marks)
If his basic salary is less than Rs.5000, then HRA=10% of basic
salary. I and DA=90% of basic salary. If his salary is either equal
or above Rs.5000, then HRA=Rs.1500 and DA=98% of basic salary.
If employee’s salary is input through the keyboard write a program
to find his net (final) salary.
b) Differentiate while and do while statement with suitable example. (7 Marks)
3. a) Write a program in to find the roots of Quadratic equation using switch and case. (7 Marks)
b) Write a C program to calculate compound interest if principal amount, Rate of interest and duration is known. (7 Marks)
4.a) What is array? How to declare and initialize array explain with suitable example. (7 Marks)
b) Explain the use of the following function with syntax: (7 Marks)
i. strlen() ii. strcmp()
5. a) Write a program to demonstrates the usage of getchar() and putchar() functions. (7 Marks)
b) Distinguish between call by value and call by reference with suitable example. (7 Marks)
6. a) Write a program to find factorial of given number using recursion. (7 Marks)
b) Explain structure with suitable example. (7 Marks)
7.a) Define pointer. State the syntax to declare pointer variable with example. (7 Marks)
b) Write program weather a number even or odd. (7 Marks)

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