Answer any five questions. All Questions carry equal (15) marks .
1. a. Name the various parts of the ship.
b. How will you prepare the Surface before painting.
2. What are the life saving appliances required for a Cargo Ship.
3. a.Explain the use of life raft at sea.
b.Name the different types of life raft used on board Ship.
4. Write short notes on the following.
(a) Portable Fire Extinguisher
(b) Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. .
5. Describe and list the safety equipments provided in the fire man’s outfit.
6. a. Explain different types of fibre ropes used on board ship.
b. How will you calculate Breaking Strength of a wire rope.
7. a. What are the factors determining the flexibility of a steel wire rope.
b. Describe the advantages of a fibre heart in the steel wire rope.
8. Write short notes on the following.
(a) Hand lead line
(b) Speed log