1 .Define following with suitable diagram


Right Ascension (RA)

Local Hour Angle (LHA)

Obliquity of the Ecliptic

Celestial Meridian


2 a) Explain ‘Standard Time’ and ‘Zone Time’.

3.On 29th Nov 2008 in DR 34⁰34’N; 130⁰ 27’W at GMT time 29d 17h 47m 49s, find the LHA of Sun.

4.On 2nd May 2008, in DR 179⁰ 57’W, the sextant altitude of Sun’s UL on the meridian was 59⁰ 14’ South of the observer. If I.E was 1.8’ on the arc and HE 12 m, find the Latitude and the LOP.



a) Define following:- i)  Sensible horizon    ii) Horizontal parallax   iii)  Elevated pole


b) Find the true altitude of the Sun at visible sunrise on 29th Nov 2008. HE 14 m.



On 14th September 2008, the sextant altitude of the Sun’s UL was 70°29.8’. If IE was 3.2’ off the arc and HE was 14m, find the true altitude and true zenith distance.



On 1st December 2008, in DR 06°35’N 64°18’W, an observation of the Sun’s LL on the meridian was made and the sextant altitude was found to be 61°27.5’. If HE was 14m, and IE was 2.4’ on the arc, required the latitude and the direction of the LOP.




a) What are the advantages of Passage Planning?

b) List 7 Books/Publications required for planning passage.


What are the various segments of passage from berth of port A to berth of port B. Elaborate it.



a) Explain following with reference to passage planning:- i) No go area        ii) Testing of controls and engine


b) Explain the tasks to be performed during the planning stage by the navigating officer.